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for piano solo
degree of difficuty: medium-high
duration: 13’ approx.
year of composition:
I perf.: Festival Musica d’Oggi, Università della Calabria, 21.5.1990
pf. Alberto Malazzi
Edizioni Suvini Zerboni, Milano
WORK REGISTERED AT SIAE (Italian Authors and Publishers Association)

Variazioni su un tema esoterico for piano is a composition that long remained in the stage of elaboration. The many interventions pursued the goal of turning aside the riotousness of the base code to an effective result, a condition which could not be given up in the most utopic of projections. Variazioni infact has an extremely formalised matrix. Wanting to maintain this matrix but wishing to wed it to the concreteness and plasticity of a 'well-managed' work was a fascinating adventure from an intellectual point of view, and also from that of the craftsman.

Determined not to believe in the opacity of the originating musical material, closed in is own strenuous formalisations, the author searched in it all of the warm permeability which the imagination discovered little by little, as his capacities of penetration were refined.

The composer, the enemy of unrealistic ambition whilst inclined to weave strong intellectual warpings, the composer gives the listener Variazione, convinced that only through listening may a work, though difficult, have its true and ineludible collocation.