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for piano solo
(belongs to a serie ordered by Canino to contemporary authorsi)
degree of difficuty: medium
year of composition: 2000
I perf.: Milano, Spazio Oberdan, 16.5.2000 - pf. B. Canino
work property of the author
available the computer edition
WORK REGISTERED AT SIAE (Italian Authors and Publishers Association)

Bruno Canino

Bruno Canino, mindful of illustrious and ancient examples, recently asked some composers to write a Variation on a theme by Diabelli so as to be able to perform it - together with those of all the other composers invited - in his whirlwind concertistic voyages.

Among the composers invited, Anzaghi composed his in symbiosis with this mythic theme.

The new Variations on a theme by Diabelli are now roaming the world, thanks to Brun