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for violin and piano
degree of difficuty for the violinist's part: medium-high
degree of difficuty for the pianist's part: mediumn-high
duration: 8’ approx.
year of composition:
work property of the author
available in computer edition
WORK REGISTERED AT SIAE (Italian Authors and Publishers Association)

(Ghosts) Written on the request of a worthy violinist, Spettri is a work of intense compositional hard work, which then involves the performers in the hard work. They are called upon to brilliantly resolve the difficulties that the work presents in order to easily enter into the spirit of the piece, no longer bothered by the technical challenges. Into this spirit suggestions from violinistic literature, metabolised in different ways, flow together, alluding to fairies, ghosts and metaphysical phantasmagories, at times diabolically connoted.

The visionary opening procedes to a brief central episode which bears the indication 'più lento e onirico' (slower and dreamy). At the close of this episode the indication 'a tempo' re-awakens the rhapsodic mood which runs, further inspired and dazzled, towards the phantasmagorical epilogue.