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for piano solo
degree of difficuty: medium
duration: 10’ approx.
year of composition
: 1957
Edizioni Curci, Milano
WORK REGISTERED AT SIAE (Italian Authors and Publishers Association)

This work, the first of the composer to be published, was composed at the end of his academic studies in composition. The form of this Sonata is organised in the three traditional movements. The whole Sonata bursts with inventive vitality and also boasts a sturdy architecture. Its compositional conception is contiguous to neo-classicism. The pianistic writing used presents an analogy with that of C. M. Von Weber.

The first movement displays a sure-footed discorsiveness based on dialectic treatment of the elements brought into play. In the second movement the author‚s attitudes are occaisionally discernable through the eufonic sonorities. The third movement is a scintillating concert study on the white keys‚ of sure virtuosic effect. This result is obtained without pushing the music out of the pianistic play.