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for piano solo
(work part of an easy ANTHOLOGY of contemporary authors)
duration: 3’ approx.
degree of difficuty: easy, for younger pianists
anno di composizione: 2002
Edizioni Carrara, Bergamo
nextly available a computer performance
WORK REGISTERED AT SIAE (Italian Authors and Publishers Association)

Dedicated to the author's grandson Enrico - was conceived from the starting point of a series of 12 notes and 11 intervals, each of which excedes the previous by one semitone. The form is composed of 8 Episodes of 3 bars each and a Conclusion made up of 4 bars. Each Episode rises up by one semitone with respect to the previous one and at the end of each a double bar-line appears. Each of the four bars of the Conclusion was based on an analogous procedure. If necessary the performance may conclude at the end of any Episode chosen at the discretion of the performer, avoiding, however, skipping the preceding ones. The piece can, therefore, be interrupted before its integral performance but on the provviso that the interruption takes place at the end of one of the Episodes and without allowing itself to omit any Episode preceding the early ending. The outlining was done on purpose to demonstrate in the most explicit way possible the itinerary of the Series, passing from one staff to another. The series and its schematic tables  are provided in the printed version.