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for sax soprano solo (or oboe)
degree of difficuty: medium-high
year of composition: 1999
dedicated to Pia Beneduce (1943-1998)
first performance: Avellino, marzo 1999 – sax. F. Mondelci
work property of the author
available a computer edition

WORK REGISTERED AT SIAE (Italian Authors and Publishers Association)

19 December, 1998, Pia Beneduce (1943-1998) died, to whom this piece is dedicated 'in memoriam'.

One cannot silence the risk represented by works written in memory of someone: the recollection of  the piece may well die away before others have forgotten the person that the music would have liked to recall. We can comfort ourselves with intentions: those of the author were the best.

Also this Rondò arises from the series described elsewhere, which flashes to life here again. It is characterised by a succession of 11 intervals, each of which undergoing an increase of one semitone with respect to the preceding one. In this way, intervals ranging from the minor 2nd (E–F) to the major 7th (B - C) are created. This extremely particular series was repeatedly used by the author to write numerous compositions.

The word 'series' evokes the unpleasant ghosts of lugubrious compositions loaded down with an excess of intellectualism. The author has made an effort to avoid such an excess. On the other hand, it is undeniable that the adoption of a series does non guarantee anything, and it is equally undeniable that it does not impede anything, just like using any other form of compositional code. The quality of a composition does not arise from the means adopted in creating it, but from the way in which these means are used.