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for two pianos
(Episodio I, lntermezzo, Episodio II, Intermezzo, Episodio III)
degree of difficuty: medium-high
duration: 15 ’ approx.
year of composition:
dedicated to Bruno Canino and Antonio Ballista
first performance: Strasbourg, Musica ’84 – duo B. Canino, A. Ballista
Edizioni Suvini Zerboni, Milano
available the live recording
WORK REGISTERED AT SIAE (Italian Authors and Publishers Association)

Terminated in February, 1984, Rapsodia was written for Canino and Ballista and was performed for the first time in Strasburg, in September of the same year and again in Warsaw a few days later. The piece has some characteristics intended to be pointed out.

The clear, euphonic and astonished style of writing in the pieces written before 1984 is not prevalent in this Rhapsody, which testifies to a condition of vital re-awakening of the fairy-tale-like ecstasy of before, and of a bent towards a more lively and dynamic way of writing, within which certain zones of ecstatic abandon still subsist but are now projected onto a prospective that transcends them. Rapsodia is indeed characterised by the alternation of Episodi (episodes) with a marked formal connotation and a strenuous planning; with erratic rentings, indicated as Intermezzi. The latter reveal themselves to be islands of free invention, within a formal flow which, with its course suspended at the influx of  divergent instance (the Intermezzo) picks up the texture of its own patters again, uninterrupted.

Between darting Episodi astonished Intermezzi, the sense of the piece oscillates, phantasmagorical, as though between two poles. The formal strategy of this sense is completely permeated by a tendency towards non-rectinlinear and non-univocal solutions. For love of these solutions this work lives a fluid life of movement – a rhapsodic life.