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for soprano and piano, on a text by the author
duration: 12’ approx.
year of composition: 1980
I performance.: Lyon, Auditorium M. Ravel, 14.2.1981, sopr. L. Poli, pf. B. Canino
Edizioni Suvini Zerboni, Milano
WORK REGISTERED AT SIAE (Italian Authors and Publishers Association)

Onirama (“what one sees, and so hears, in dreams”) is an episode from the opera Il Luogo della Mente(1) that the composer worked on from 1976 onwards. Since it has sufficient and multiple autonomy (the piano accompaniment is not a transcription from the orchestra, and the verse has no drammatic function), Onirama manifests a tense orientation to extract a diatonic aura from chromatic and formalised compositional procedures with enough clarity. The piece is collocated in a prospective of leave-taking from the avant-garde and from fervent idividuation of other possibilities.
In 1981 Onirama was performed for the first time in the Auditorium M. Ravel in Lyon by the soprano Liliana Poli and the pianist Bruno Canino.

Liliana Poli