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for piano solo
(part of a series ordered by Levi Minzi to contemporary authors)
degree of difficuty: medium
duration: 7’ approx.
year of composition: 1977
I perf.: Piacenza, Conservatorio, 14.11.1998 – pf. C. Levi Minzi
work property of the author
available in digital edition
CD recording available soon
WORK REGISTERED AT SIAE (Italian Authors and Publishers Association)

Carlo Levi Minzi

Anzaghi's funereal and apotropaic contribution comprises some 4 pages. The first is intended to be a true Marcia Funebre (Funeral March). This acts as the theme for the successive Tre Variazioni (Three Variations). Each variation occupies one page.

With lustre the pianist Levi Minzi fears his own imminent departure. This, to his and our good fortune, does not seem imminent. From year to year, despite his own grim fore-mutterings, and to his own spite, he continues to exhibit an iron state of health. Nevertheless, at each new meeting between the author and this singular friend, he continues to comunicate details of the irreversible worsening of his health. If he means to say, in his own way, that one's health deteriorates as one gets older, we can but admit the truth of what he says.

A gloomy prophecy did nothing to dissuade the composers who showed themselves willing to humour their eccentric but dear friend. They adhered to his request to provide him with a funeral march, convinced that Carlo's so-called 'miglior vita' (better life – metaphor for death) comes late to claim its rights with respect to those who declare themselves ready to recognise it.

Necrophiliac perversion is well-known. It seems to be an affectation of the average classical-music listener to whom numerous performances of the aforementioned funeral marches have been offered, and who has appreciated them. The pianist has something very different in his soul, however. He wishes to consign these blissful marches to a recording. We are taking bets on his finding, or not, a recording editor whose ambition it is to take up Mortuary Discography. This is surely a virgin market.