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opera in one act for soprano and orchestra
libretto by the author
at the moment available only the score for soprano and piano
degree of difficuty for the soprano: medium
total duration: not yet defined
year of composition: 1977
work property of the author
MUSIC AND LIBRETTO REGISTERED AT SIAE (Italian Authors and Publishers Association)

The one-act opera Il Luogo della Mente (1)  (The Place of the Mind) is one of the many splinters that separated from the truncation of a grand theatrical project (with the same title, though lacking the indication:1), which was still partially incomplete after years of work. The conviction that simplified linguistic solutions were suited to opera (the attention of the spectator being dividing between multiple and different stimuli) induced Anzaghi to take to writing opera only after having that simplification. Only then did the operatic experience, of which this single act is only a splinter, begin.

The conception of the voice as 'singer', the invention of a non-tonal diatonicising harmonic and melodic dimension and the care taken to make the vocality autonomous from instrumental servitude distinguish this single act.

The queerness of the subject and of its versification is not the fruit of a d'Annunzian sommersault. The thrill and the versificaton of Il Luogo della Mente(1) adopt linguistic means that are congruent with the dreamy conception of existence from which the delirious happenings herein represented descend.

From this single act the aria entitled Onirama was extracted, which the soprano Liliana Poli and the pianist Bruno Canino performed for the first time at Lyon (Auditorium M. Ravel), 14th February, 1981, to critical and public acclaim.