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for solo guitar
(belong to the anthology La chitarra oggi)
degree of difficuty of the Schizzo: easier
degree of difficuty fot Invenzione e Variazione:less easy
year of composition: 1994
Edizioni Suvini Zerboni, Milano
WORK REGISTERED AT SIAE (Italian Authors and Publishers Association)

The two compositions entitled Schizzo and Invenzione con Variazione are present in the anthology published by Suvini & Zerboni, indicated above. The first of the two pieces is an extremely easy work which disdains banality.

Invenzione con Variazione is a conceptually more complex composition. It was preceded by an Elaborazione del sistema (elaboration of the system) which shows the intellectual path trodden by the composer. This is exhibited with the goal of facilitating for young guitarists an approach to music that is based on less-well-known compositional techniques.