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for narrator, soprano, chorus and instrumental ensemble
(Fl., Cl., Tr., Pf., Perc. [1 esec.], 2 V. Va, Vc.)
text by the author
degree of difficuty for vocal part: medium
degree of difficuty for instrumental parts: medium
degree of difficuty for the chorus: low
duration: not yet estimated
year of composition: 1997
I performance: Duomo di Desenzano del Garda, 19.4.1997
Arena di Verona: Teatro Nuovo, 20.4.1997
rec. P. Valerio, sopr. L. Fraizzoli, Lab. della Nuova Musica di Verona
dir. Andrea Mannucci
work property of the author
(parts can be hired out)
WORK REGISTERED AT SIAE (Italian Authors and Publishers Association)

In 1997 the warring turbulence in the ex-Yugoslavia induced certain institutions to patronise a series of concerts dedicated to the theme of peace, and to the most stricken victims of the conflict: the children. Anzaghi was asked to contribute. With ardent involvement the author wrote first the text, reproduced below, and subsequently an Oratorio based on this text. The first performances took place in Desenzano de Garda and at Verona. The happenings narrated by the text moved the public. The words animated music that was steeped in melancholy for the fate of humanity, wounded by the war. The plot that the author created is reproduced below. The humanitarian inspiration of the work led the author towards simple compositional solutions that are readily performed: to allow for the reproposal of the Oratorio, also with the active partecipation of the collective.