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Upon fragments of G. Verdi's Ave Maria

for strings
degree of difficuty for the orchestra: medium-low
year of composition: 1963
work property of the author
WORK REGISTERED AT SIAE (Italian Authors and Publishers Association)

This piece was composed during a post-graduate course for composers, held by G. F. Ghedini at the Conservatorium B. Marcello of Venice, during the summer of 1963. The author attended this course and partecipated in the subsequent and conclusive compostion.

The judging panel of the International Composition Competition for a piece on a theme by Giuseppe Verdi awarded the first prise on equal merit to the two Italians Davide Anzaghi and Giovanni Ugolini.

The Improvvisazione, whilst admired by Ghedini, is not one of the author's favourite works, who considers it to be an academic accomplishment.

In that same summer the author met John Cage in Venice, and came to know his music.