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for four guitars
degree of difficuty: high
duration: 6’ approx.
year of composition: 1995
work property of the author
published in this site in 'Musics in PDF format '
WORK REGISTERED AT SIAE (Italian Authors and Publishers Association)

(the parts can be hired out)

This fruit of hard compositional work is spread out over eight pages (each of which comprises three collars of four staves apiece). Chitattro, like Repetita, was constructed from the starting point of a Series. The first note is E, followed by others as listed here: E, F, G, B flat, D, G, C sharp, G sharp, E, G, A, B flat. The Series is characterised by the succession of 11 intervals, each of which increases by one semitone with respect to that which precedes it. In this way a range of intervals is created that goes from the minor 2nd (E – F) to the major 7th (A – B flat). This extremely particular series was repeatedly used by the auther to write numerous compositons.
According to some the word Series evokes  the unpleasant ghosts of lugubrious compositions loaded down with an excess of intellectualism. The author worked in such a way as to avoid this error. On the other hand, it is undeniable that the adoption of a series does non guarantee anything, and it is equally undeniable that it does not impede anything, just like using any other form of compositional code. The quality of a composition does not arise from the means adopted in creating it, but from the way in which these means are used.
The rhapsodic motion of this piece is suspended towards the end when, at bar 57, a complex polyrhythmic movement involving all four guitars signals the conclusion of the piece, which presents significant performance difficulties.