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for flute and guitar
degree of difficuty of flute part: medium-high
degree of difficuty fof guitar part: medium-high
duration: 10’ approx.
year of composition: 1998; revision: 2002
first performance: Vacciago, Fondazione Calderara, 14.9.2002
Elena Casoli guitar, Lorenzo Missaglia: flute
work property of the author
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WORK REGISTERED AT SIAE (Italian Authors and Publishers Association)

live recording is available

Elena Casoli

A first, provisional version of this piece was composed in 1998. In 2002 the piece underwent two revisions. The performance of the first version went ahead at the Fondazione Calderara, of Viaggiago (Lake Orta) held 14th september, 2002. The second, definitive, version came about after that first performance and takes into account that performance test. The first performance was entrusted to the proven expertise of the guitarist Elena Casoli and the flautist Lorenzo Missaglia.

The composition is made up of three episodes, which link up without the solution of continuity. The  first, given the indication “con slancio” (with a leaning), is a kind of cadenza for the flute, sustained by the notes of the Series given to the guitar. The second, given the indication “più lento e rapsodico”, presents a conspicuous thinning-out of the writing, starting and stopping and ecstatic. The third episode, “più mosso e incalzante” (incalzante = pressing), runs dizzily towards the conclusion, strenuously employing both players.

Lorenzo Missaglia