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for piano solo
degree of difficuty: medium-high
duration: 3’ approx.
year of composition: 2002
work property of the author
published in this site in 'Musics in PDF format '
WORK REGISTERED AT SIAE (Italian Authors and Publishers Association)

it is available the recording of the computer performance

Fausta Squatriti

The writing of Change spreads out – with a gradual and progressive intensification – over four pages and a duration of a little over 3'. The formal organisation of the piece alludes to that of the Rondo, when it places into the context of the piece certain dialectically opposing formal motives, and then abandons one of them, conserving the other. The latter – in contrast to the historical Rondo – is not re-proposed literally but recreated in such a way that it may easily be recognised.

The formal strategy then goes on to let befall on the motive which was saved that very same fate which befell the one which was set aside. In drawing up a scheme of the formal tactics employed in this piece, one could summarise in this way: after two objects have been presented and after their explicit appearance, one is made to disappear in favour of a third which takes its place. This then competes for permanence in dialogue with the second, to ensure the continuation of the dialogue itself. This tactic is played out over the course of the whole piece. Such a strategy seems to allow the form to come to its own epilogue with convincing consequentiality, always seeking out the recognisability of the formal motives as and when recalled for new pairings. This work was inspired by the poem of the same name by Fausta Squatriti.