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for piano (version for small hands)
degree of difficulty:easy
duration: 3’ and 30’’ approx.
year of composition: 2003
work property of the author
published in this site in 'Musics in PDF format '
WORK REGISTERED AT SIAE (Italian Authors and Publishers Association)

The Canto popolaresco lombardo copiously draws upon the pianistic writing of one of the Ariette Dolenti: the one entitled Storia di un pioppo. Two versions of this piece exist: one for small hands and one for normal or large hands. The musical substance is the same but the result is different. The version for small hands allows very young pianists to perform the Canto,whose hands are not yet fully developed. The one for normal or large hands is a brief composition (ideal for an encore) and is based on a musical period of eight bars that is re-heard in variations over four pages.Even though it is artificial, the melody possesses that extremely particular aura which characterises folk music, and of which commercial music has become bereft.