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for piano solo
(part of a contemporary authors Anthology
degree of difficulty: medium
total duration: 3' approx.
year of composition: 2002
edizioni Nuova Carisch 2003, Milano

The form of Anèmone developes over three pages, for a duration of approximately 3 minutes. The piece makes use of dialectically opposed formal gestures, to abbondon one whilst conserving another. The latter is not re-proposed identically but recreated in such a way as to be easily recognised, though varied.

During the course of the piece the gesture that was saved from being set aside coms to the same fate as that which was set aside: that which was preserved will be erased. Thus we might summarise the formal strategy that was followed in this way: two objects are revealed, and then both displayed, one is made to vanish by the entrance of a third which takes

the place of the first. The second must struggle with the third to remain, to ensure its continuity. Thanks to this strategy the form comes to its own epilogue with consequentiality, always allowing for the recognition of the formal gestures recalled to new pairings.